4 Days Queen Elizabeth Wildlife and Chimpanzee trekking tour

4 Days Queen Elizabeth Wildlife and Chimpanzee trekking tour is one of the most interesting Uganda Safari Tours that gives you the experience of wildlife and primates trekking in one 4 day package.

4 Days Queen Elizabeth Wildlife and Chimpanzee trekking tour

The 4 Days Queen Elizabeth Wildlife and Chimpanzee trekking tour will give you the utmost experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park which is famous for 95 mammal species including the tree climbing lions, buffalos, elephants, kobs, forest hogs, and cape buffalos over 400 bird species which makes it a top destination for bird lovers. Interesting about the park is the fact that it has a number of primate species that can be seen in kyambura gorge making it the ultimate safari destination.

Highlights of the 4 Days Queen Elizabeth Wildlife and Chimpanzee trekking tour

  • Day one: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park, Amabere ganyinamwiru caves, Evening game drive
  • Day two: Morning game drive, Evening boat cruise
  • Day three: chimpanzee trekking, community walks
  • Day four: Transfer back to Kampala, city tour (visiting the Buganda heritage sites)

Details of the tour

Day 1: Pick Up & Transfer to Queen

  • Transfer to Queen: Depending on your location in Kampala, our guide will pick you at exactly 7 am and brief you on your 4 Days Queen Elizabeth Wildlife and Chimpanzee trekking tour.  The drive to the park from Kampala will take approximately 4-6 hours. Where you will pass through different towns like Lukaya where the aroma of roasted meat will hit you. The place for a long time has provided refreshments and high quality roasted kinds of meat to travellers. Through this town, you will have a chance to try out the delicious meat. On reaching Kayabwe, you will have the equator experience where you will pose at the equator and experiments of the north and southern hemispheres will be carried out. Lunch will be served in Mbarara town at Igongo cultural centre which offers different cultural dishes like millet bread, Eshabwe,  dishes made with locally handmade ghee which is quite an adventure to taste the authentic dishes. After lunch your way to fort portal town where you will be able to visit the amabere ganyinamwiru caves, after the trip at the caves, you will make your way to Queen Elizabeth national park where the tree climbing lions are found.
  • Game Drive: On reaching the park, you will go on an evening game drive where you will have a chance to see a number of animals catching their last bites for the day in the plains as they get ready to go to their resting place animals like zebras, elephants, elands, antelopes, crocodiles can be seen sun basking, leopards, lions, hyenas are easily seen during the evening games drives because they come out of hiding in order to hunt for their prey which is a thrilling adventure to see. After the game drive, you will head back to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

Meal plan:  Lunch and dinner

Day 2: Morning Game Drive & Boat Cruise

  • Game Drive: After early morning breakfast, you will go a morning game drive where you will have the opportunity to see a number of early risers grazing in the plains for instance the antelopes, buffaloes, elands, impalas among other animal species. You will then transfer to the ishasha sector for the ultimate lion tracking experience where the tree climbing lions will be seen which is quite a mesmerising trait that the lions in the park  posses which is quite unique from the lions around the world . You will have an ultimate lion experience where you will be accompanied by the guide who will brief you on the activity what to be expected and so on. The activity will enable you to see the lions up close which might be hard to see during the game drives. With the help of a radio collar that fitted in a head lioness, researcher/ guide/ ranger is able to easily locate the given pride with the help of directional antenna. After locating the lions, you will spend watching them in their natural habitat and you can even take up close pictures which is quite interesting and rewarding. You will then head back to your hotel for lunch and relax as you await the evening boat cruise.
  • Boat Cruise Cruise: After your lunch, you will then head to the boat cruise along the Kazinga channel which will offer a vast look at the landscape including a number of water birds like shoe bill stork, flamingos, king fishers great cormorant, little grebe, northern lapwing, red-necked grebe, wandering albatross pied. Animals like the hippopotamus elephants, waterbucks buffalos, crocodiles can also be seen sun basking among other animals. After the beautiful adventure, you will head back to your hotel for dinner, relaxation and get ready for the next day.

Meal plan: breakfast, lunch and dinner 

Day 3: Chimpanzee trekking

  • Chimpanzee trekking: After early morning breakfast, with your packed lunch, you will be transferred to the kyambura gorge also known as the valley of apes in the eastern part of the park. The forest has a number of primate species including the red tailed monkeys, olive baboons, white colobus monkeys, red Columbus monkeys At the steep slopes of the valley, a number of bird species can be seen like the greater and lesser flamingos, African skimmer, papyrus canary white tailed lark papyrus eagle owl lesser, the rare shoebillOn reaching the forest loud hoots of the chimpanzees will be heard from a distance, the guide will brief you on the activity and afterwards you will continue deep in the forest where you will meet a number of chimpanzees and you will be able to observe them for a period of time. You will be able to see them jump from one tree branch to another, how they groom, eat and so many more.
  • Community Tour (Optional): After the primate encounter, you will transfer back to your hotel for dinner and overnight. Alternatively, you can carry out a community tour around the park where you can visit craft villages and support the locals that sell handmade crafts African sandals, baskets, African wear among other items which can act as souvenirs.

Meal plan: breakfast, lunch and dinner

4 Days Queen Elizabeth Wildlife and Chimpanzee trekking tour
Hippos along Kazinga Channel

Day 4: Transfer to Kampala

  • Transfer to Kampala: After an early morning breakfast, at exactly 7 am you will be picked from your hotel and transfer back to Kampala, through Mbarara town, you will have a stop over to have lunch at the Igongo cultural centre where you will visit the craft shop and you can buy some take at home  souvenirs . In Kampala, a city tour will be carried out where you will visit places like you can also visit the kabaka’s lake, the Buganda parliament, the royal mile, the king’s palace, the heritage sites in Buganda kingdom. After the tour, our guide will drop you at the location of your choice and the end of your trip. 

Meal plan: Breakfast and lunch 

End of the 4 Days Queen Elizabeth Wildlife and Chimpanzee trekking tour

Trip Inclusions

  • Pickup and drop off in Kampala
  • An English speaking  guide
  • Entrance permits
  • Igongo cultural centre
  • Meals and bottled water
  • 4X4 safari vehicle & Fuel
  • Game drives
  • Boat cruise
  • Accommodation
  • Nature walks
  • amabere ganyinamwiru caves permit
  • Kampala city tour
  • lion tracking experience

  Trip exclusions

  • Visa fees
  • Personal expenses 
  • Tips
  • Uganda visa fees
  • Activities that are not included in the itinerary


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