Interesting Facts About Congo : The democratic republic of Congo is known worldwide for being one of the countries in the world with a high number of natural minerals and resources like diamond, gold, cobalt and copper however there’s more to the country than just the minerals that can be seen when you participate in the Congo safaris and for the tourists interested in having an amazing time in the country here are some of the interesting facts about Congo to attract you to participate in safari in the country.

Interesting Facts About Congo

Houses the recently erupted mount Nyiragongo

The country is home to the recently erupted mount Nyiragongo which had the world’s largest lava lake that tourist would always have an amazing time watching the lake by participating in the mount Nyiragongo hike in Virunga National Park however with the recent eruption of the mountain, a number of trails where destroyed by the lava which led to a standstill in a number of activities in the park including hiking the mountains since the lava had also dried up in the vent however recently, the lava has been seen filling the crater which has given hope to tourists that are interested in taking part in the activity of hiking mount Nyiragongo in order to see lava underneath the earth’s crust.

Interesting Facts About Congo
Nyiragongo Hike up

It has the world’s second largest French speaking city Kinshasa

Congo has the world’s second largest French speaking city Kinshasa with 68% of the population of the people in the city speaking it as the major language of communication. Which has made locals and tourists from French speaking countries being able to communicate easily with one another for memorable safaris while in the country. Although French is widely spoken all over the country, other foreign languages like English can be heard which makes connection with other tourist quite easy, you will also get to hear the locals speak their traditional languages. The country is famous for having more than 120 traditional languages and different cultures which has attracted people interested in knowing more about the different cultures of the people to visit the country to have an amazing experience.

Has the world’s cheapest gorillas

For tourists interested in having an amazing gorilla trekking experience in Africa, you can visit countries like Uganda where you can participate in gorilla trekking in Mgahinga national park and gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable and gorilla trekking in Rwanda where you can visit volcanoes national park however gorilla trekking in Virunga Park is 400USD which is quite cheap compared to gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park, a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda costing 1500USD  and gorilla trekking in Uganda where a gorilla trekking permit in Uganda costs 700USD. Gorilla trekking in Virunga national park will give you the chance to spend an hour with the gorillas observing their behaviour in the wild for instance you will get to see how the adult females in the gorilla family take care of their young ones, you will see their social structure, you will get to see them construct their nests for overnight stay.

One of the mineral rich countries

Congo is one of the richest country with natural resources, with an abundance of gold, tin, silver, tungsten, tantalum which are used as materials for a number of electronics and power sources.  Most of the minerals can be seen in Virunga national park which is famous for housing the endangered mountain gorillas and this is evident with a number of mining activities that can be seen in a given area of the park which has unfortunately led to habitat loss for some wild animals that used to live in areas where the mining activities are carried out.

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