Rwanda’s Mega Mammals : The hippo and the rhino are two of the biggest terrestrial mammals. They share numerous significant attributes yet in addition vary in important ways.

It is conceivable that these two huge creatures would confront each other in the wild, yet they commonly don’t associate themselves. In the event that they got into a battle, there are a few elements to consider who is probably going to win. Hippos are more forceful and are accustomed to battling different hippos so they have more fight insight. Rhinos are more solitary and despite the fact that they in all actuality do battle with different rhinos for territory and for mating privileges it is rare compared to hippos. Black rhinos are known to be the most vicious of the rhino species. The enormous teeth of the hippo are stronger than the rhino’s horn, however, the skin of the rhino is harder than the skin of a hippo. The greatest deciding component in a battle between a rhino and hippo would be whether the battle was in the water or on land to thrill while on Rwanda Safaris.

Hippos have exceptionally thick and essentially smooth skin. The hippo has neither perspiration nor sebaceous glands as it depends only on

Common differences between Rhino and Hippo

 Hippos live on both land and water, not necessarily in deep waters but on the shallow ends of lake and rivers. They love places with richly vegetated banks where they can graze and also slow paced waters in which to pool whereas Rhinos are completely land mammals in fact they are terrible swimmers. The Black rhino is the worst swimmer of all the 5 species. However they enjoy to roll in big puddles of mud, Rwanda’s Mega Mammals

 water or mud to keep cool. It secretes a gooey red liquid that safeguards the creature’s skin against the sun and is perhaps a recuperating specialist. Rhinos, on the other hand, do anyway have a minuscule measure of hair within the ears and on the tuft of the tail as they were excessively significant to lose completely.

Hippos are large mammals with wide mouths, large teeth, canine tusks, thick legs, and dark-colored skin similar in color to rhinos. Males weigh up to 1,500 kg and females weigh up to 1,300 kg. The largest recorded male hippo was an incredible 3000kg (this max weight is close to the average max weight of the largest rhino species). Their barrel-shaped bodies have short tails, long muzzles, and dense bones, contributing to their overall stocky appearance. Their low center of gravity allows them to move quickly along the bottom of the water. Their adeptness in the water is furthered through their unusual, webbed feet. These are characteristics that the rhino does not share. However, Rhinos are surprisingly fast regardless of their stocky tank-like structure, they s can reach a speed of up to 30 miles per hour. The world’s fastest humans, by comparison, only reach speeds of 28 miles per hour in a short 100-meter run. Strangely, while running at their maximum speed, rhinos run on their toes. Rhinos are the fastest land animals that weigh over 1000kg. A white rhino run can sprint at a full speed of 50 km/h whereas Black rhinos can run at 55 km/h

Just like Rhinos, hippos are mass eaters and they will clear more than 40kg of grass in a night. They eat regimens comprising of mostly grass. Only difference is hippos mostly feed at night and Rhinos eat during day. There have been a couple of uncommon events where hippos have been noticed eating remains of dead animals. Be that as it may, these reports are moderately uncommon. Rhinos are strictly veggie lovers.

Rwanda's Mega Mammals

One of the most aggressive on the planet and arguably the fiercest in Africa. Hippos are gregarious, partner in crowds of up to 40 with one adult bull, many cows and their young. Rhinos are less forceful, especially the white rhinos which are more amiable in nature but also gather in groups of about 15. Black rhinos travel solo with the exception of mating/battling. Adult females are solitary when without calves, Rwanda’s Mega Mammals.

Of the two, Hippos are more dangerous to humans. You have a better chance at surviving the rhino’s wrath in the wild because of their faulty eyesight. Hippo on the other hand are lethal weapons that you probably won’t survive whether on water or land. Hippos are said to kill more people than rhinos, lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes and rhinos combined.

The physical characteristics of these two giants differ to, hippos are stocky, barrel-molded middle, huge mouth and teeth, almost smooth body, thickset legs, colossal size and greyish body where as a rhinos have monstrous bodies and enormous head, a short neck and wide chest. The skin of african rhinos however ranges from yellowish brown to slate grey.

Hippos in Rwanda are indigenous to the land during, Rwanda safari tours, can be sighted from Akagera National Park and also found on the shores of Lake Rwanyakazinga and also Magashi Camp. Unlike rhinos which where reintroduced to Rwanda all the way from south Africa after a whole decade of extinction. However, hippos are not considered threatened. As we celebrate world rhino day, we should remember that the general problem of poaching and lack of habitat are greatly affecting the population of both creatures and also another little fact is rhinos have small population because they take a long time to reproduce which could also be another reason Rhinos have small populations left.

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