Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ziwa rhino sanctuary is the only place in Uganda where the endangered rhinos can be seen among all the national parks in Uganda.  Just like the Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary which was established to protect the chimpanzees, the Ziwa rhino sanctuary was established to conserve the endangered rhinos in the Uganda which were killed during the political instability that the country was facing where a number of rhinos in Murchison falls national park among other animal species where killed  but as a way of conserving the species, the sanctuary saw that a number of wildlife species were also seeking refuge which led to bringing in of more animal species to the sanctuary and during your tour around the sanctuary. 

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

You will get to see a number of wildlife species like the amphibians, reptiles, numerous bird species and the primate species that can be seen within the sanctuary these include the crocodiles, the endangered shoebill stork, the antelopes, hippopotamus, the black and white colobus monkeys, mona monkeys, blue monkeys among other primate species that can be seen during your visit to Ziwa rhino sanctuary. In order to have an amazing time during your Uganda tour in Ziwa rhino sanctuary you can participate in a number of activities where you will get the opportunity to see a number of attractions in the park.

Rhino trekking

While at Ziwa rhino sanctuary, get the opportunity to track the southern white rhinos and important about the activity is the fact that you will do it on foot making the experience more fun because you will get closer to the wild species. It should be noted that with the help of a knowledgeable guide and an armed ranger, you will have a safe activity while carrying out the activity in the Ziwa rhino sanctuary. You will have the opportunity to watch the species moving freely in the sanctuary where you will observe their feeding patterns and how they co-exist with one another while in the sanctuary. You will also have the opportunity to take pictures of them with permission from the guides in order to have a memorable Uganda safari.

ziwa rhino sanctuary


You can also part in canoeing along the swamps as another activity that will make your Ziwa rhino sanctuary tour quite memorable. Canoeing on the swamps in the sanctuary will ensure that you get to see a number of bird species like the water birds grey crowned cranes, great cormorants, Egyptian goose, Africa kingfisher, African eagle among other bird species however one of the notable bird species that can be seen is the shoe bill stork that can be seen as you see the sunrise over lugogo swamp making the activity quite memorable.


Ziwa rhino sanctuary is a home to 300 bird species which can be seen in the different woodlands, swamps within the park where you will see a number of bird species like the blue-spotted dove, booted eagle, bronze manikini, African black-headed oriole, ring-necked dove, red-winged starling among other bird species which can be seen along the four birding trails within the park. During birding you will also have the opportunity to see the endangered shoe bill stork, the sanctuary is among the few places in Uganda where the endangered bird species can be seen in high numbers which is a guarantee that you will see the bird species in the shortest time possible as compared to other destinations where they are found. 

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
Shoebill stork in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Guided nature walks 

The guided nature walks in Ziwa rhino sanctuary are among the rewarding activities that can be carried out while at the sanctuary in order to see a number of attractions. You will discover a number of attractions with every step in the sanctuary. You will get to see a number of attractions like the numerous bird species, reptile species, and mammal species like antelopes, bushbucks, hippopotamus, and antelopes among other species. You can also participate in night walks within Ziwa rhino sanctuary and see how the sanctuary comes to life with the different sounds from the different animals specie especially the nocturnal animals in the sanctuary which will ensure you have an amazing time in Uganda.

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