2 Days Mount Nyiragongo Hike from Goma

2 days Mount Nyiragongo hike from Goma will give you the opportunity to visit the oldest National Park in Africa Virunga National Park, where you will get the opportunity to participate in the Mount Nyiragongo hike at whose summit you will find the world’s largest Lava Lake and not forgetting the fact that mount Nyiragongo is one of the World’s most active volcanoes that has erupted 32 times. The 2 days Nyiragongo hike from Goma Safari will open up a new adventure during your safari where you will have exceptional views of the Virunga National Park where you can also participate in a number of other activities like visiting Senkwenkwe Gorilla orphanage, gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking, and birding among other activities in Virunga National Park.

2 Days Mount Nyiragongo Hike from Goma

Highlights of the 2 Days Mount Nyiragongo hike from Goma

  • Day 1: Transfer to virunga national park and hiking Mount Nyiragongo 

  • Day2:  Descend Nyiragongo

DAY 1: Pickup from Goma & transfer to virunga

  • Pickup from Goma: On day one of your 2 days Mount Nyiragongo hike from Goma safari, our guide will pick you up from Goma at 7:00 am and you will be transferred to the Congo border at the Grand Barrier for check-in where issuing of the necessary permits will be carried out, you will get your volcano to permit thereafter transfer to Virunga National Park. Report to Bukima and start your Nyiragongo hike in Virunga National Park.
  • Transfer to Virunga: Get ready to see the impact of Volcanic eruption on the surrounding areas in the park where you will see new forests rejuvenating from what was destroyed by the lava, you will get to see a number of bird species as you hike the slopes in the rejuvenating forests, therefore, you should not miss out on packing binoculars to see the amazing species. When you get to the summit, you will have an overnight stay there and as the sun sets, get ready for the mountain to come to life with the world’s largest lava lake which will offer an amazing experience. Get ready to see lava boiling and rising underneath the earth’s crust, earthquakes rumbling underneath the crust for an amazing time in the park and with you wild dinner at the summit, you will have the most rewarding Congo safaris in Virunga National Park.
  • Meal plan: Lunch and dinner

Day2: Descend Mount Nyiragongo 

  • Descend Mount Nyiragongo: On day 2 of your 2 days Nyiragongo hike from Goma Safari, after an early morning breakfast at the summit after an amazing time overnight watching the lava lake and the exceptional views of Mount Nyiragongo you will take pictures as your last day in the park and after You will descend Mount Nyiragongo and with the help of our guide will drop you off at your starting point of your 2 days Mount Nyiragongo hike from Goma which is Goma and this will mark the end of your safari.
2 Days Mount Nyiragongo Hike from Goma
2 Days Mount Nyiragongo Hike from Goma
  • Meal plan: breakfast

Trip Inclusions

  • Pickup from Goma
  • Drop off in Goma 
  • An English speaking  guide
  • Entrance permits
  • Meals 
  • bottled water
  • 4X4 safari vehicle and Fuel
  • All transport costs as per the trip
  • An armed ranger
  • Accommodation

  Trip exclusions

  • Visa fees
  • Personal expenses 
  • Airtime
  • Telephone calls/ costs
  • Tips
  • Congo visa fees
  • Activities that are not included on the itinerary
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