Reasons why you should visit Congo

Reasons why you should visit Congo will help you highlight the most reasons why one should engage in a Congo safari tour. Before you embark on your African safari, you should put the democratic republic of Congo as one of the countries in Africa because of a number of reasons which include the numerous tourist attractions, sites among other factors that are scattered all over the country. Congo is known for its number activities. The Reasons why you should visit Congo include: 

Reasons why you should visit Congo

A number of attractions: There are a number of activities that can be carried out while you carry out your trip in Congo among the most famous attractions that can be seen in a number of protected areas like the national parks, game reserves among other areas. Some of the areas that can be seen within the parks some of them include Kahuzi Biega national park where you will find the eastern lowland gorillas, the Lwiro chimpanzee sanctuary for orphaned chimpanzees which you will offer activities to the primates that wait patiently to play with you. Virunga national park famous for the active virunga mountains, mountain Nyamuragira and mountain Nyiragongo and also in the park you can also find mount Mikeno where you can find a number of gorilla families like the Mapuwa gorilla family, Rugendo gorilla family among other families. In Virunga national park where a number of attractions like the mountain gorillas, the Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage was established to protect orphaned gorillas whose parents were killed as a result of poaching.

A Variety of Landforms: While in the democratic republic of Congo, you will see a number of landforms like the mountains, rivers, lakes that will catch your attention when you visit the country. Some of the landforms that can be seen within the country include;

  • Loufoulakari Falls: The loufoulakari falls are one of the attractions that you should not miss out on seeing while you get to the democratic republic of Congo. Experience the ultimate adventure when you visit the loufoulakari falls that are 40 metres tall making it the ultimate destination where you will engage with nature. At the falls you will have adventurous experiences like a boat cruise at the bottom of the falls; the falls also give the perfect opportunity for photography, sightseeing, and birding can be carried out at the forest around the falls where you will see a number of bird species like; austral storm petrels, shoebill stork, herons, egrets, Egyptian Plover, partridges, ibises, spoonbills, hammerkop, jacanas, old-world parrots among other bird species. Other falls in the country that will offer amazing experiences include; Boyoma falls, Lofoi falls, Zongo falls among others.
  • Virunga Mountains: The famous virunga mountains are known for a number of attractions including the endangered golden monkeys and the endangered mountain gorillas that can be seen on the slopes of mountain Mikeno another interesting mountain in the Virunga national park. The virunga mountains include Gahinga, sabyinyo, and Muhabura shared b Uganda and Rwanda and they can be found in mgahinga national park and volcanoes national park other mountains in volcanoes national park include Mount Bisoke and Mount Karisimbi. In Virunga national park you can find the active volcanoes of mount Nyiragongo and mount Nyamuragira and also mount Mikeno a dormant volcano. While in the park, you can hike the Virunga Mountains to see exceptional views in the park for instance you can hike mount Mikeno and participate in gorilla trekking in Congo, and visit a gorilla family among the Congo gorilla families. Some of the families include; Humba gorilla family, Munyaga, Nyakamwe gorilla group with a number of interesting facts for example the Bageni group which is the largest group in the Park that is facing a lot of competition from the two silver backs that are also interested in leading the group that is kitagenda and kanamaharagi, Munyaga group whose adult female is common for giving birth to twins but they died after being delivered and also famous for Kadogo the bald-headed gorilla. This will make your experience in the park quite memorable and thus more reasons for you to visit the Democratic republic of Congo.
  •  Mount Nyiragongo: While you visit virunga national park, you will participate in the Nyiragongo mountain hike where you will have out of the world experiences with the amazing lava lake that is found on top of the lake which is also the world’s voluminous lava lake which is quite fascinating. While carrying out mount Nyiragongo hike, you will be able to see underneath the earth’s crust boiling on the mountain. With gaseous fumes escaping from the lake which is such an amazing and thrilling adventure. There are amazing facts about mount Nyiragongo that you will get to find out when you carry out the mount Nyiragongo hike. Water bodies because the democratic republic of Congo is gifted by nature, you will also come across a number of water bodies like Lake Edward, Lake Kivu, River Congo, where you will carry out a number of activities like canoeing, boat cruise among other interesting water activities to make your stay in Congo quite memorable which is another reason to visit Congo because of the thrilling adventures you will participate in while on your Congo safaris.

Easy accessibility to the country: It is easy to access the democratic republic of Congo with the necessary documents for entry into the country. Congo has fewer restrictions of entry to foreigner which makes it one of the countries in Africa that should be visited to ensure that you have an amazing experience in the country. 

For tourists from the neighboring countries, for instance, Uganda and Rwanda, they can use the borders to transfer to the Democratic Republic of Congo. From Uganda you can use the Bunagana border post where you will pass via Kisoro district the home of gorilla, in the district, you can find Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park where you will have the ultimate gorilla experience. Before crossing to the democratic republic of Congo you will pass through the Bunagana border post you will go straight to Goma town in the democratic republic of Congo.

From Rwanda, you can access the democratic republic of Congo; you will pass through the Le Grande barrier to connect to the democratic republic of Congo by the use of public transport means that are always available at the border in case you don’t have any arranged transport means making it convenient for you. Through Rwanda you will have exceptional views of the landscape including the 100 hills of the country, tea and coffee plantations in the outskirts of the country among other captivating attractions.

By using air transport you can land at the different airports from the different airports that can be seen all over the country and the operations of a number of airlines that operate on a daily to the democratic republic of Congo. Some of the airlines include Ethiopian airlines among other airlines that enable tourists to access the country in the easiest way possible.

Reasons why you should visit Congo
Mount Nyiragongo is one of the reasons why you should visit Congo

Increased security precautions: Since the outbreak of a number of different security threats, and was in the country, there has been an increase of safety measures within the country to ensure that tourists are within a secure environment. For instance in Virunga national park, the park organizes a security team accompanied by military officers that ensure you reach the park without any threats to make the experience in the country memorable.

On the streets of the country, you will see a number of military officers dressed in their uniforms armed with guns to protect the citizens at any time of the day. In case of any attack with the presence of the military officers, they are always in position to protect the people. The country has a number of police station cells that in case of any problem you can seek help from the different police stations that are scattered all over the country to maintain law and order in the country.

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