Primate Safaris in Uganda 2021

Primate Safaris in Uganda 2021: Primate safaris in Uganda are one of the most rewarding activities that any tourist can choose to participate in to enjoy a number of exciting and rewarding experiences as they visit the pearl of Africa. Uganda is among the best destinations in Africa that you can visit for a rewarding experience and among the different attractions that the country boosts of, its primates are one of the attractions that you should not miss out on to see because of the endangered species that are some of the main reasons that a number of tourists visit the country. The primates can be seen in Mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park

Primate Safaris in Uganda 2021

With the global pandemic, corona virus tourism came to a standstill due to the increased number of deaths and active cases of patients diagnosed with the virus which led to a number of countries closing their tourist destinations but with the government standard procedures that are exercised and the daily precautions, tourism in Uganda has been made easy and one of the safest activities that are carried out for an amazing time in the country which has increased the numbers of tourist inflows in the country in order to participate in the primate safaris. For the best primate safaris in Uganda 2021, you should not miss out on visiting Ngamba Island, Kibale national park, mgahinga national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park and queen Elizabeth national park for the most rewarding primate safaris in Uganda.

Bwindi impenetrable national park

As part of your adventure during your primate safaris in Uganda 2021, you should visit Bwindi impenetrable national park in order to take part in one of the most rewarding activities on your Uganda safari, gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park. the park is the home to the endangered  mountain gorilla species that can be seen when you embark on your activity.

Primate Safaris in Uganda 2021
Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi

  Bwindi impenetrable national park has the largest concentrations of the mountain gorillas in the world which is half of the world remaining population  which give s a lucky tracker to visit one of the many gorilla families in the park in order to understand interesting facts of gorillas for instance their grooming patterns, their feeding patterns and the source of their food which is wild celery, caterpillars , you will also get to see how they construct their nests for overnight stay among other rewarding  facts of the primates. In Bwindi impenetrable national park, you will have the chance to participate in gorilla habituation which involves tourists participating in the process of training gorillas to get accustomed to  t humans presence as a way of them to void fatal attacks from the primates during gorilla trekking.  The activity is currently carried out in Rushaga sector in the southern part of Bwindi impenetrable national park which gives the chance to four trackers interested in taking part in the activity.

Kibale national park

Kibale national park is the primate hub of Uganda that you should not miss out on visiting during your primate safaris in Uganda 2021 because of the rewarding experience you will get to take part in. During your safari, you will get to take part in chimpanzee trekking in Kibale national park the most common activity in the park. The park is a home to different monkey species like black and white colobus monkey, grey cheeked mangabey, Hamlyn’s monkey, vervet monkey, dents monkey and many other monkey species. The park is also a home to over 2000 chimpanzees that makes it one of the destinations to visit in Africa for a rewarding chimpanzee experience. The park has over 4 habituated chimpanzee troops that you will get to visit to understand more about the primates like their feeding patterns, how they co-exist with one another, how they react towards violence in the troops among other rewarding facts.

Still in Kibale national park, you can also take part in chimpanzee habituation another rewarding activity that you should not miss out during your primate safaris in Uganda 2021. To differ from chimpanzee trekking which allows tourist to visit the habituated troops that are already accustomed to human presence, during chimpanzee habituation in Kibale national park, tourists take part in the habituation process in order to train the primates to get used to human presence which is quite an authentic and a safe experience that involves being accompanied by a group of researchers and trainers and hence a memorable experience.

Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary

With a number of conservation efforts of a number of passionate conversationalists, Jane Goodall established Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary in Ngamba Island, was established to protect a number of chimpanzees that were victims to poaching and smuggling. Most the chimpanzees that are rescued are always in bad start but once they reach the sanctuary they are well taken care of, protected from any danger, fed, and vaccinated to ensure sustainability.  During the safari, you will also take part in taking care of the primates for a memorable experience as you see rewarding vies of lake Victoria, numerous bird species like handsome francolin, Egyptian goose, African king fisher, yellow crested wood pecker and the  grey wood pecker among other attractions.

Primate Safaris in Uganda 2021
Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Queen Elizabeth national park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is famous for housing four of the big five animals in Uganda but there is more that the park has to offer to a number of tourists interested in taking part in primate safaris in Uganda 2021. Visit kyambura gorge also known as the valley of apes in order to take part in chimpanzee trekking in Uganda. This hidden gem will open up a new world for an amazing adventure while in the park with a number of breathtaking views of the numerous waters sources that can be seen, thick forests that also act as a habitat to a number of bird species like , hairy breasted barbet, red faced crimson, black bee eater, green breasted pitta, yellow billed barbet, white bellied crested fly catcher, tinker bird, white thighed horn bill, western nicator, bar- tailed trogon, white spotted fluff tail and a number of other bird species. During chimpanzee trekking, you will get the chance to explore the primates observing how they take care their infants, how they construct their nests among other rewarding features of the primates.

Mgahinga national park

In mgahinga national park, you will have the opportunity to participate in golden monkey trekking in Uganda and gorilla trekking. During the activities, tourists will hike the virunga mountains namely in order to access the habituated golden monkey troops and the gorilla families in order to learn more about their existence in the park with the help of a knowledgeable guide. During the activities, you will get to hike mount Gahinga, mount Muhabura and mount sabyinyo in order to access the primate troops and families to observe their behaviour in the park which will make your primate safaris in Uganda 2021 quite rewarding.

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