Reasons why you should visit Virunga National Park

Reasons why you should visit Virunga National Park will give you an insight into the basic features that will attract you to go to the amazing Virunga park in Congo. will give you Virunga national park is known for a number of attractions including being the home to the endangered mountain gorilla species remaining in the world that are found within the virunga massive shared by Mgahinga national park, Virunga national park, and Volcanoes national park. Aside from participating in gorilla trekking in Park, there are other reasons why you should Virunga National Park and these include the following;

Reasons why you should visit Virunga National Park

Mount Nyiragongo: While visiting virunga national park, you will get the chance to see a number of attractions within the park including mount Nyiragongo which is one of the world’s most active volcanoes that can be a hike at any given time of the year. Mount Nyiragongo hike is one of the activities that can be carried out to ensure that you have an adventurous experience while in Virunga National Park. During the hike, get ready for the most amazing experiences where you will see different primate species like the black and white colobus monkeys, golden monkeys, vervet monkeys, the chimpanzees, mountain gorillas among other primate species. Bird species like Ruwenzori turaco, grey throated barbet, narrow tailed sterling and the African fish Eagle can also be seen and many other interesting wildlife features.

  • The Lava Lake: While hiking mount Nyiragongo, you will see a number of attractions like the different vegetation cover, primate species, bird species among other attractions but what will catch your eyes on reaching the top of the mountain is the fact that you will be able to see the world’s largest lava lake that can be seen on top of mountain Nyiragongo. The views on top of the mountain are quite fascinating because you will be able to see active lava boiling within the earth’s surface. Get ready to be mesmerized by the beauty of the lava lake at the end of your hiking adventure to the top of the mountain. The best time to see the mesmerizing beauty is during the night when the place gets dark and the red lava intensifies making it the most beautiful feature to look at while on top of Mount Nyiragongo.

Gorilla Trekking

Get ready to be part of the most amazing activity in the park gorilla trekking, which will offer amazing experiences as you get to spend with the gentle giants. In the park, gorilla trekking is as low as 400USD which is quite cheaper than gorilla trekking in Uganda at 600USD however the prices will increase to 700USD by 1st July 2020. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda at 1500USD. This is quite expensive comparing the prices of the two countries Uganda and Congo. Therefore opt for gorilla trekking in Congo by visiting virunga national park to save some dollars. During your gorilla trekking experience, you will have the chance to spend one hour with the primate species taking pictures with them understanding their character while in the wild.

  • Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage: Visit the Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage and be part of the good cause of giving a second chance of living to the primates that were left to die as orphans, the gorilla orphanage has a number of orphaned gorillas whose parents were killed by poachers. Poaching in the park is on the high rise however the park management is doing whatever is possible to combat the illegal activity within the park. While you visit the gorilla orphanage, you can take part in different activities like feeding the baby gorillas, playing with them among other activities within the park.

Other Reasons why you should visit Virunga National Park

Virunga national park is known for the above attractions and activities that one can participate in while they visit the park but there are other reasons why you should visit virunga national park which are the other tourist attractions that can be seen when you visit the park for example;

Virunga Mountains: Although Mountain Nyiragongo is the most famous Virunga Mountain within the park, there are other virunga mountains within the park which include, Mount Mikeno and Mountain Nyamuragira which are part of the eight virunga mountains. The different virunga mountains have interesting features for instance on the mountains you can find the different Congo gorilla families with an interesting family history that can seem as you visit the park and participate in gorilla trekking. You will also see the chimpanzee species in the tree branches on the lower slopes of the mountains, mountain Nyamuragira is also an active volcano whose activity can be seen in form of fumes leaving the mountains through the different vents on the different sides of the mountain which I quite amazing and mesmerizing.

Conducive climate: The park is characterised by warm temperatures due to the presence of the equator and in areas in high altitudes, the weather is quite chilly. The climate favors different activities to participate in. The climate has also favored plant growth with has attracted many animal species to the different areas where vegetation cover is used as their source of food. Where the vegetation us covered by green leaves herbivores can be seen converging to eat their food, for instance, the bushbucks, elephants, zebras among other animal species. The climate is perfect for tourists interested in outdoor activities within the park like camping, boat cruises on the different water bodies within the park, nature walks and so on.

Reasons why you should visit Virunga National Park
Reasons why you should visit Virunga National Park

Safety: The Democratic Republic of Congo is known for a number of problems that are faced by the people including the insecurity as a result of different wars within the country. However, when it comes to Virunga National Park any tourist should not be discouraged to visit the park because it is one of the safest national parks and areas within the country. The security procedures that are undertaken in the park and around the park ensure that a tourist is safe guarded during his time in the park. There are armed military guards that accompany you to the park from the pick u point Goma to the park where you are briefed about the Do’s and the Don’ts within the park, and during the activities, within the park, you are accompanied by armed men to ensure that you have the safest tours while in virunga national park. You can also read the safety of virunga national park to understand more about the park’s security.

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