Safety of Rwanda

Safety of Rwanda in Rwanda is a key feature that all tourists put into consideration before they decide to travel to the country for different activities. Rwanda is one of the best countries that can be visited in Africa because of a number of attractions, activities that can be participated in, while on your Rwanda tour.  Among the attractions and activities that many tourists can see and participate in include gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park, chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park, visiting Akagera National Park among others.

Safety of Rwanda

Some of the tours one can participate in include the Rwanda gorilla tours, Rwanda cultural tours that can be carried out to make your tour to the country memorable. But before you make travel preparations to the country, it is advisable to know the political situation in the country before you participate in the activity. 

 In the world today it is absurd that Rwanda is still associated to the violence that happened during the 1994 Rwanda genocide which has hindered travel to the country by some tourists because the fear of security threats however this is not the case because Rwanda is one the safest countries in Africa making it one of the best tourism destinations to visit while in Africa.

Rwanda Genocide

Due to the events that happened during the Rwanda genocide of 1994, the Rwanda genocide led to a number of people especially the target population which was the Tutsi who were killed and the moderate Hutus, the Batwa and the Hutu that helped the Tutsi by hiding the,, giving them shelter and a number of ways that was against the events of the Rwanda genocide which focused on wiping out the Tutsi population.

During the Rwanda genocide, the country went through political turmoil where a number of infrastructures were destroyed like the roads, hospitals, schools, a number of tourism attractions.  The genocide left a big gap in terms of safety in the history of Rwanda when over a million people were killed. Many travellers feared traveling to Rwanda because of the events that happened in the country. But with the end of the genocide in July, the country was able to restore its peace with a number of Rwandans living in harmony with one another.

More about the Rwanda genocide can be understood during the Rwanda genocide tour where you will visit the different genocide memorial sites including the Kigali genocide tour, the Gisozi genocide memorial site among other sites and through the tour you will be able to see that the country was restored back to its glory and peace after the end of the Rwanda genocide making Rwanda the safest and fastest-growing countries in Africa.

Political Stability of Rwanda

Since the end of the Rwanda genocide, all the Rwandans have lived in harmony with one another making the country stable, president Paul Kagame who helped in the ending of the Rwanda genocide has established a politically stable country.

Infrastructure development in Rwanda has made tourism easy with skilled people that operate the public means of transport with valid licenses to ensure that tourists are safe while they are transported to different tourism spots.

The Rwanda defense force works hand in hand with the local community to ensure that the people are protected with their property, the army is always on guard to ensure that there is no external attack on the country.

The police is able to help at any time of the day in case of any problem while in the country, for instance during theft, loss of properties among other crimes. But it should be noted that such crimes in Rwanda are hard to be experienced because of the tight security but in case of any, the police will be available to help.

The country works hand in hand with different countries and by this you can see different embassies of other countries established in Rwanda making it one of the different safari destinations one should consider visiting because in case of any problem in regards to travel or any other problem you can visit any embassy of your country in Rwanda to gain assistance making it one of the best options to visit. 

Some of the embassies that can be seen in the country include;  embassy of Belgium, the Ugandan High Commission, the embassy of united states, Embasse De France, Embassy of Germany,  Embassy of turkey, embassy of the republic of Korea among other international embassies that can be visited for any help while in Rwanda. And with the different embassies in the country, it ensures that Rwanda has diplomatic relationships with other countries making it safe for travel.

Safety of the tourism Activities in Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the safest countries in Africa and whoever is interested in visiting Rwanda, they should visit the country to participate in a number of activities. Before any tourist participates in the activities, they are expected to undergo any briefing tom avoid any accidents, therefore, any tourist interested in participating in the activities, they should participate in the briefing process to have the safest trip ever. Some of the famous activities that are carried out in the country and their safety precautions include;

Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park, while participating in gorilla trekking, you first go through the briefing which will involve tourists teaching you to understand the way to act while in the presence of the gorillas, for instance, being at least 7 metres away from the gorillas, limiting noise and movement while in the presence of the gorillas to avoid scaring them which can lead to the attacks during the activity, with the briefing, it will enable you to have a safe trip.

Boat cruises on lakes like Lake Kivu will involve one to put on a life jacket to prevent any water accidents that can lead to loss of lives. And just like any activity they will first brief you on the safety of the activity in a way that you will be expected to follow the lead and the rules of the guide, captain while they take you on a ride at the lake a life jacket during the boat cruise is a must therefore you put into consideration wearing one during the activity.

Virunga mountains hike, during the hike, one is expected to follow the lead of the guide in order to have a wonderful safe experience in the park, you should always follow the lead of the guide and allow to be protected by a ranger who carries a gun along with him to avoid any animal attacks. During the virunga mountains hike, you should always avoid hiking the mountains on your own without any escort from the ranger and their illegal hikes will put your life at risk because you might come across a dangerous wild animal that can claim your life 

Safety Tips in Rwanda

  • Racist comments in regards to the Rwanda genocide are punishable by jail time or by fines
  • Since Rwanda genocide, it advisable not to address the people by their ethnicity just address them as Rwandans because they are now one group of people.
  • (Health Safety in Rwanda) Malaria in Rwanda is all over the country therefore it’s better for you to carry anti-malaria tablets; insect repellent should also be applied to avoid insect bites.
  • Littering in the country is punishable by fines therefore you should always avoid littering anywhere in the country.
  • Violence in the country should be voided because there are always military people at the streets protecting the country from violence.
  • Taking pictures of the military is highly prohibited therefore it is advisable not to take any pictures of any military operations without and license to do so because cameras, phones will be confiscated.
  • Drunk driving in the country is highly prohibited this can lead to fines when you are got.
  • During self-drive trips in Rwanda, in order to avoid road accidents it should be noted that in Rwanda, cars are driven on the right-hand side of the road.
  • Drugs in Rwanda are illegal in Rwanda any possession, trafficking distribution in the country is illegal and it is punishable by jail time.
Armed Game Ranger in Volcanoes National Park to improve the Safety of travelers in Rwanda National Parks.
Armed Game Rangers (Volcanoes National Park) to improve the safety of travelers in Rwanda National Parks.

Rwanda Borders

Before crossing to Rwanda, you should consider finding out about the border situation between Rwanda and its neighboring countries, in order to have a safe trip as explained as follow;

  • The Uganda-Rwanda Border: Recently the two countries have been undergoing a number of political issues which led to the closing of the borders and by this, it has affected a number of people who are traveling back and forth to the countries. Therefore if you are interested in visiting Rwanda while coming from Uganda, it is advisable you research on the political situation before visiting the country. Alternatively, you can opt for air transport to avoid such inconveniences
  • The Rwanda-Burundi border: Both of the countries are undergoing political strains to the fact that Rwanda and Burundi refused public transport means from the different countries. By this it is advisable to visit the country without using the Rwanda-Burundi border and because of the increased political instability in Burundi because of the rebel groups; one should opt for air transport in order to be safe in while traveling to Rwanda.

With all this Visit Rwanda and enjoy the amazing Rwanda Safari Tours because the Safety in Rwanda is guaranteed.

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