Volcanoes National Park Fees

Volcanoes National Park Fees are the various charges that are levied on travelers for accessing the park for different adventurous activities. Volcanoes national park is the most famous park in Rwanda known for its gorilla tours and golden monkey trekking. The park has located the districts of Burera,  Musanze, Rubavu and Nyabihu which are interesting districts with a number of attractions that can be seen during their Rwanda city tours where you will see the different attractions in the different cities including volcanoes national park and a number of other attractions.

Volcanoes National Park Fees

As part of the different Rwanda tour packages that the country offers to its tourists, you will have a chance to visit volcanoes national park, a park known for its tourism activities that can be carried out to make your Rwanda tour quite memorable and worthy of repeated visits. There are a number of activities that can be carried out in the park at a relatively affordable and cheap price to ensure that you do not miss out on the activities in order for you to have a great time as you participate in the different activities. 


Volcanoes National Park fees for different activities

Gorilla trekking: Gorilla trekking in volcanoes is one of the famous tourism activities in the park that has attracted a number of tourists into the country.  With gorilla trekking in the park, you will visit the different gorilla families that are found on the different virunga mountains namely Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Gahinga, Mount Karisimbi, Mount Bisoke and Mount Muhabura where different gorilla families in the park are found. 

Gorilla trekking permit for both residents and non- residents (Foreigners) is 1500USD

Golden monkey trekking: Golden monkey trekking in the park is another activity that should not be missed out on because there is a lot to learn about the golden monkeys in the facts about the golden monkeys where you will find about the habitat of the monkeys and more about the beautiful creatures in the facts about the gorillas which you will witness when you come into contact with them and compared to gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking is easier than gorilla trekking because the monkeys don’t build different nests to sleep in every night they can be traced in the same area.

Golden monkey tracking

  • Foreigners   USD 100
  • Foreign residents USD 65
  • Rwandan/East African citizen USD 65 
  • Foreign East African residents USD80

Dian Fossey’s hike 

Dian Fossey’s legacy will always live on because of her love for the mountain gorillas. The American primatologist fought against the poachers to protect the mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park in order to ensure that they are protected from the poachers who killed them for their products. Dian Fossey was found dead in her cabin at Karisoke where she had established her gorilla research station. She was buried at the Karisoke gorilla cemetery next to her gorilla friends that were also killed by poachers. 

Dian Fossey hike permit

  • Foreigners USD75
  • Foreign residents USD 60
  • Rwandan/East African citizen USD40
  • Foreign East African residents USD55

Hiking the Virunga Mountains

The Virunga Mountains are a chain of mountains that are shared by Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. The mountains are famous for the mountain gorillas and the active volcanoes of mount Nyiragongo and Mount Nyamuragira all of which are found in Virunga National Park in Congo

In Rwanda, volcanoes national park is a home to five mountains namely Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Gahinga, Mount Karisimbi, Mount Bisoke and Mount Muhabura that have a lot to offer including the Rwanda gorilla families that can be seen when you hike the mountains, exceptional views of the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo that can be seen while at Mount Muhabura, views of Lake Kivu the largest fresh water lake in Rwanda can be seen.

Bisoke hiking Permit

  • Fee Foreigner 75USD
  • A foreign resident in Rwanda 60USD
  • Rwandan citizen RWF 4000
  • East African citizen 55USD
  • East African foreign resident 65USD

Mount Gahinga hiking permit

  • Foreigner 75USD
  • Foreign resident in Rwanda 60USD
  •  Rwandan citizen RWF 4000
  • East African citizen 55USD
  • East African foreign resident 65USD.

Mount karisimbi hiking permit

  • Foreigner 400USD
  • A foreign resident in Rwanda 250USD
  •  Rwandan citizen RWF 30,000
  •  East African citizen 200USD
  •  East African foreign resident 300USD.

Mount Muhabura hiking permit

  • Foreigner 100USD
  • Foreign resident in Rwanda 75USD
  • Rwandan citizen RWF 5000
  • East African citizen 60USD
  • East African foreign resident 80USD.

Guided nature walks

Guided nature walks in the park are a rewarding activity that will enable you discover a number of hidden attractions in the park, for example, the Musanze caves that are of  significant history in the history of Rwanda that were once inhabited by the Batwa people also known as the forest people who have rich cultural values, During the guided nature walks, you will have a chance to see a number of attractions like buffalos, black-fronted duikers, bushbucks, bush pigs, spotted hyenas, black and white colobus, white colobus, baboons, and red-tailed monkeys among other mammals in the park

Volcanoes National Park feed for Guided nature walks

  •  Foreigners   USD 55
  • Foreign resident   USD 40
  • Rwanda/ East African citizens USD35
  • East African foreign residents USD 45

Cultural encounters 

When you choose volcanoes national park as your tourist destination in Rwanda, you will not ,miss out on the different activities that it has to offer including the cultural encounters with the Ibyiwacu village that will make your  who will perform different cultural dances, skits and a number of cultural performances that can also be witnessed when you carry out a Rwanda cultural tours in order to have memorable experiences while in the country.

The cultural visit to the Ibyiwacu cultural village is 35USD per person (Volcanoes National Park feed for cultural encounters)

Volcnaoes National Park Fees
Volcanoes National Park Fees

Musanze caves

The beautiful Musanze caves with their rich historical significance, the caves were as a result of the volcanic eruption a tourist can visit the caves at any time of the day to have a great time while in the park.

  • Fee Foreigner 50USD
  •  Foreign resident in Rwanda 30USD
  •  Rwandan citizen RWF 4000
  •  East African citizen RWF 4000
  •  East African foreign resident 30USD

Other tourist attractions include;

Buhanga Eco-park which was the coronation site of the former kings in Rwanda history 

  • Fee Foreigner 40USD
  •  Foreign resident in Rwanda 30USD
  •  Rwandan citizen RWF 4000
  •  East African citizen 25USD
  •  East African foreign resident 35USD
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