6 Reasons Why you Should Visit Rwanda

6 Reasons Why you Should Visit Rwanda will give you an insight into why one should really travel to Rwanda for a holiday and tour. Rwanda is famous for being the home of half of the World’s remaining mountain gorillas, should be among the tourism destinations that you should visit while in Africa because of the numerous attractions, activities, and a number of other factors that will make you want to visit Rwanda. And some of the reasons you should visit Rwanda include the following;

6 Reasons Why you Should Visit Rwanda
  1. Safety
  2. Easy Accessibility
  3. Perfect Weather
  4. Beautiful Landforms
  5. The hospitality of the Natives
  6. Tourist Activities

The 6 Reasons Why you Should Visit Rwanda


If you’re looking for a country where you will have an amazing time in Africa as you participate in a number of activities without any insecurity problems or fear for the loss of property or other factors that will disturb their security in the country then Rwanda is the country to visit. Among the safety precautions that Rwanda offers in the country not only to travellers but to the country at large include military men on every street of the country to maintain the safety of the people in the country the regular patrols ensure that their citizens are in a safe environment.


Easy accessibility is one of the 6 Reasons Why you Should Visit Rwanda. Although Rwanda is a landlocked country, access to it is very easy because of the available transport means and the national carrier Rwandair which operates daily to and fro Rwanda.  While in the country, you will also have the ease of access the different tourism destinations in the shortest time possible with the well-improved roads, availability of transport means like the buses that can be got in the bus terminal, for instance, the Nyabugogo bus terminal, you can also hire a number of private means in case you’re a self-drive tourist where you can hire private means at the airport, or hire vehicles from the car hire companies.


Rwanda has the perfect weather to participate in different numbers of activities. The temperate tropical highland is characterised with warm temperatures during the day and cool temperatures in the night. The country has two rainy seasons from October to November and February to May and one dry season from June to mid-September whereas other months are characterised with short rains and dry seasons. Therefore if you’re interested in taking a trip to the country you should know the best time to visit Rwanda where you will know the best time to visit Rwanda and the best time to participate in a number of activities.


The physical land features are one of the 6 Reasons Why you Should Visit Rwanda. Rwanda is undeniably the most beautiful country in East Africa with the most beautiful landscape characterised by a number of water bodies like lake kivu, the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo, mountains like the virunga mountains, mount Kigali, islands among other beautiful features that will offer mesmerizing views as you visit the country. 

Not forgetting that the country is the lands of 1000 hills don’t forget to look around as you travel to see the magnificent views as you move around. The country is also a home to a number of wildlife species that can be seen in different protected areas like national parks including Akagera national park, Volcanoes national park and Nyungwe national park where you will participate in a number of activities like Rwanda golden monkey trekking, Rwanda chimpanzee tours, Rwanda gorilla tours among the other tours that can be carried out.

6 Reasons Why you Should Visit Rwanda
6 Reasons Why you Should Visit Rwanda


You will have an interesting time while carrying out a Rwanda tour because you will get the chance to mingle with the Rwandans who are very hospitable people that in case of any problem they are willing to help and will make you feel at home. Unlike other countries where they are not welcoming to foreigners, Rwanda is quite different because ever since the Rwanda genocide, the people identify themselves as just Rwandans without being distinguished in their different tribes. The people have kind hearts 


While you visit Rwanda, you will participate in a number of activities to make your tours to the countries memorable, among the tourism activities that can be carried out include cultural tours where you will visit a number of cultural villages, like the Kitabi and Banda village where you will understand about the culture of Rwanda through dance, cultural plays to understand more about the culture of Rwanda.  The Rwanda chimpanzee tours, Rwanda gorilla tours, Kigali city tour, Rwanda city tours, Rwanda golden monkey trekking among other activities that can be carried among the Rwanda tour packages that can be offered in the country.

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