Best time to Visit Rwanda

Best time to Visit Rwanda is when a traveler can easily access the country and its gazetted tourist destinations with the least hindrances as they travel. Rwanda is one country you should not miss to visit in order to have an ultimate safari experience due to a number of activities that can be carried out and attractions that can be seen. To most people, Rwanda is known for its mountain gorillas but once you visit the country you will know that there is a lot the country offers to the tourists that visit the country.

Best time to Visit Rwanda

You will have a chance to carry out a number of tours that will make your Rwanda tour a memorable one and some of the tours include; the Rwanda cultural tours where you will get to understand the different cultures of the Rwandans by visiting cultural groups and a number of cultural sites, you will also visit the genocide memorial site like Kigali genocide memorial museum which you will visit on your Rwanda genocide tour to know about the genocide that happened in the country. 

Rwanda golden monkey trekking which is among the activities carried out in Volcanoes National park a place where Rwanda gorilla tours can be carried out where you will visit the different gorilla groups on the different virunga mountains while hiking the mountains you can also visit Dian Fossey’s grave.

While in the country, you can also carry out the Rwanda chimpanzee tours in Nyungwe national park, Isumo waterfalls hike still, you will hike the different trails which lead to a number of attractions, for instance, the Igishigishigi trail where you will carry out canopy walk and carry out birding to have an amazing experience while in Nyungwe national park

You can visit Akagera national park and participate in the activities that will make your trip memorable for instance game drives where you will see the big 5 animals in Akagera National Park among, boat cruises on Lake Shakani and Ihema among other activities.

While carrying out the Rwanda tour you will participate in a number of activities and see numerous attractions that will be engaging and worthy of repeated visits, but in order to carry out the given activities in the country, you should know the best time to carry them out and know the weather in the country in order to have a great time without any weather inconveniences.

Weather in Rwanda

Rwanda has two wet and two dry seasons throughout the year that can either influence or have no influence on your tourism activities. While getting your Rwanda tour packages, it is necessary to put into consideration the time of travel, the period, and the weather conditions of your time of travel in order to have an amazing experience without any hindrances.

The two wet seasons are always in the months of mid-February to May and from mid-September to mid-December and the rest of the months are a combination of the dry and wet seasons or just dry months. The dry season in the country is in the months of June to mid-September, therefore, you should put into consideration the time to visit the country depending on the activities.

Best time to visit Rwanda 

The best time to visit Rwanda is dependent on what activities you want to participate in and your reasons for travel which can also influence your time of travel and during a specific weather season. It is advisable to travel during the dry season in Rwanda in order to have the perfect time in the country without the rains spoiling your plans but in order to have a smooth trip, you should know the things to consider while on a Rwanda tour which may include the dressing code that will depend on the weather conditions in the months of travel, the packing list that will cater for all your needs and so many more.

The dry season that is in the months of June to mid September, they dry season is the perfect time to carry out outdoor activities like visiting the genocide memorial site, boat cruises on Lake Kivu, visiting the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo, visiting the market places, carrying out Rwanda cultural tours and a number of other activities.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda should also be carried out in the dry season because of the nature of the activity and what it involves. In order to visit the different gorilla families in Volcanoes National Park, you will have to undertake the virunga mountain hike where you will hike the mountains to get to the gorillas and spend an hour with them understanding their behavior. Tourists interested in gorilla filming in Volcanoes national park, they should participate in the activity during the wet seasons when the lighting is perfect to capture the best moments if the gentle giants.

In the dry month of July, if you are interested in knowing about the history of the country, this is your best time to visit Rwanda because participating in the independence celebrations of the country will give you a lot of information concerning the independence celebrations including the history of Rwanda during the colonial era when it was colonized by Belgium, the Rwanda genocide and so on concerning the history of the country hence getting an insight of the history of the country.

Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe National Park should e carried out in the dry season however the wet season is the most preferred time because that is when food is readily available which means they will not have to migrate from place to place looking for food. Because in the wet season there is plenty of food it will limit movement. Chimpanzee trekking is one 0f the 7 activities that can be in Nyungwe national park. Birding, canopy walk in Nyungwe national park should be carried out in the dry season. Interested in participating in the many activities while in Rwanda, then the dry season should be the perfect season for you to carry out different activities as compared to the wet season. 

Other important activities that you can participate in while in Rwanda and things to do while in Rwanda including the best time to participate in them include the following;

In the long dry season that is from June to mid September, you will participate in a number of activities but what should not be missed out on is the Kwita Izina also known as the Gorilla naming festival where a number of celebrities are invited to celebrate the birth of a new gorilla baby which is a sign of conservation of the endangered mountain gorilla species.

In the wet period, you can also participate in the If you are interested in knowing more about the Rwanda genocide, you can participate in the Tutsi genocide memorial day which happens every 7 April which you will get to know more about the Rwanda genocide with a number of documentaries aired, the victims giving their opinion about the whole genocide. 

The Kigali international peace marathon can be participated in where you will have fun with a number of Rwandans and foreigners which offers amazing experience as you have a look at the land of a thousand hills as you late the beauty of the country sink in. The peace marathon brings in a number of people from different races and thus a sign of unity.

Holidays in the country can be amazing if you are interested in having dry Christmas periods, thanksgiving, then the country is the first place to visit because the weather in December is quite conducive which will enable you to participate in a number of outdoor activities to make your holidays memorable. During the period you can hike mountain Kigali in the city, visit the art museum like the ethnographic museums to understand more about the culture and history of Rwanda.

Best time to Visit Rwanda
Best time to Visit Rwanda – Akagera National Park

In the short rains in November and the beginning the dry month of December, you can participate in the Tour du Rwanda which is an engaging race that brings in professional cyclists to race countrywide by racing through the hills of the country to ensure that you have an amazing time and if you are a cyclist you can sign up to participate in the to have fun in the small country with amazing views. But because the dates keep changing but it is assured that it happens in either November or December, therefore, you should find out when it takes place in order not to miss out on an amazing experience.

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