Tourism Destinations in Uganda

Tourism Destinations in Uganda are so rewarding and a traveler will be fascinated by the amazing features and attractions they will meet in the country. Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa because of the different attractions and the beauty that can be seen when visited. Some of the attractions include natural features like lakes, rivers, the climate different cultures of the people, the national parks, among other attractions which make it the one-stop tourist destination in east Africa. Recognized as one of the best tourism destinations in Africa in Uganda, there is a lot the country has to offer to its tourists from the activities that can be carried out and a number of attractions to see. Some of the tourism destinations that can be visited include the following; 

Tourism Destinations in Uganda

National Parks

These are the top-visited Tourism Destinations in Uganda. There are a number of national parks that will be visited to ensure that you have an amazing Uganda tour while in the country. The country is blessed with ten national parks and among the notable parks to visit include Bwindi impenetrable national park where you can carry out gorilla trekking where you will get to spend time with the mountain gorilla species in their natural habitats as you get to know their behavior in the wild, their co-existence between one another and so on.

Activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park
Activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park

In Kibale National Park you can have the ultimate primate experience in Uganda where you will have the opportunity to go monkey tracking with the presence of the different monkey species within the park and also chimpanzee tracking, in Queen Elizabeth national park, you will have the opportunity to see the tree climbing lions, in Kidepo Valley National park you will see numerous bird species like the ostriches, and a number of animal species like the lions, Uganda kobs among other attractions.

In Lake Mburo National Park, you will get the chance to see a number of herbivores like the zebras and many more. Other national parks include Semliki National park, Mgahinga national park where you will also participate in gorilla trekking, Mount Rwenzori national park, Mount Elgon National Park where you will have a chance to see coffee plantations and a number of animal species among other attractions.

Cultural/ Religious Sites

There a quite a number of cultural Tourism Destinations in Uganda. Cultural tourism in Uganda is quite rewarding because of the numerous cultural groups also known as tribes with different features and that make them distinctive from one another each tribal group will offer rewarding experiences once you visit the numerous sites around the country that will ensure that you have the best cultural experience and some of the sites that can b visited include; 

  • Kasubi royal tombs: The royal tombs are the burial grounds for the royal family of Buganda kingdom are buried and among the prestigious kings that were buried there include ‘’Kabaka’’ Mwanga who ordered the killing of the Uganda martyrs and also gave orders to dig up which is now Uganda’s largest and deepest manmade lake. Kabaka Muteesa II invited the missionaries in Uganda that taught the people how to read and write and he was also the first president of Uganda.  Visiting the tombs will give you an insight into the rich culture of the Buganda kingdom with the assistance of the knowledgeable tour guides that will .
  • Uganda martyrs shrine: The martyrs’ shrine is where the Uganda martyrs who were killed on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga were killed reaching the site, you will see a pond where most of the martyrs were killed and their blood flew in the pond making it sacred and holy. It is believed to cure a number of diseases and also a source of wealth although not yet proven to be true, many people are seen taking the water back home. At the site, you can find the Uganda martyrs museum where you will see how the people that were killed because of the faith were tortured to death with the different images that are portrayed and with the help of the tour guide that will guide you through the museum as you get to know more about the Uganda martyrs killings which are quite touching but interesting.
  • Other cultural and religious sites include Namirembe cathedral the oldest cathedral in Uganda, Bahai temple which is one of the only 9 temples in the world and the only one in Uganda, Uganda national mosque which is the biggest mosque in East Africa among other sites.

Market Areas & Shopping Malls

These are one of the most interesting Tourism Destinations in Uganda. Interested in knowing how the people of Uganda conduct their businesses then you can visit the different markets and shopping malls to have an insight into how people get some income. In the different shopping malls, you can purchase different African attires and traditional clothing of Ugandans to have a feel of the culture through dress code you can visit the Nakasero market which is located within the Kampala city centre, the market is the gathering point for farmers where they sell their produce. You can also purchase organic fresh fruits like watermelons, mangoes, pawpaws straight from the garden without any additives and see how healthy and tasty they are compared to canned food and fruits with additives. Other market areas and shopping malls that can be visited to have a similar experience include Owino market, garden city shopping mall, among other interesting shopping centers and markets.


You can visit a number of restaurants all around the country that offer a number of tasty delicacies from all around the country and some western dishes. Some of the restaurants that can be visited in order to taste the local dishes of the people some of the dishes that should not be missed out on include Luwombo which involves cooking of different types of sauces in banana leaves, Katogo, Eshabwe among other delicious dishes. Some of the restaurants with traditional dishes include Baguma restaurant, Hot Pot Restaurant, Mama Ashante which serve West African and East African dishes. For tourists interested in western cuisines, they can visit the different hotels that offer different western cuisine, for instance, Kampala Serena hotel, Sheraton hotel, Protea Hotels where they will get to taste different cuisines from the western world.


There are a number of festivals in Uganda that are carried out annually that tourists will find interesting as they tour around the country as a form of entertainment to the people and some of the highly anticipated festivals in the country include;

  • The Rolex festival: The Rolex festival is one of the famous food festivals in Uganda that attract a number of foodies around the world and a number of artists that will entertain you as you enjoy the different types of the Rolex. A Rolex is an egg omelet wrapped in a chapatti but at the Rolex festival, you can find different Rolex like sausage and mincemeat Rolex and many different kinds and so on.
  • Blankets and wines: The festival is another interesting and engaging festival that you can participate in to have an amazing time while in Uganda. The festival features different artists and musicians from Uganda that will entertain the tourists with songs, poems among other interesting facts, the whole idea of blankets and wines is to meet with new people interact with them as you sip on some wine enjoying chicken and beef skewers as you engage in a number of activities during the festival.
Tourism Destinations in Uganda
Nyege Nyege Festival – Tourism Destinations & Attractions in Uganda
  • Imbalu Festival: it is an annual festival in Uganda from the Gishu tribe where they carry out mass circumcision, of males which is a way of identifying bravery and distinguishing boys from men, the practice brings pride to the boy’s family because according to the tribe, any boy that goes through the practice they are considered brave. At the festivities, cultural dances are performed, traditional wrestling among other practices which will ensure that you have an amazing time as you get to know about the Gishu culture. Other festivals include the Nile festival where you get to celebrate reggae music with lots of entertainment along the river banks of River Nile which is quite fascinating and interesting and other festivals that can be participated in while in the country.
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